Manageable Goals Versus Resolutions

Do you plan to have a New Year’s Resolution this year? How likely are you to keep your resolution though? Depending on the source around half of us (Americans) make a resolution but as little as 8% of resolutions are kept1. That is why my new New Year’s Resolution is to make manageable and achievable goals for 2021. What is even better about making goals in a public forum is that I hope you all keep me accountable.

Professional Goals

In 2020 I was able to secure Bernard Abeiku Sam a doctorate position at the University of Arkansas with my network and a little luck on timing. But in 2021 I would like to double the number of students I help either get into graduate school or recommended for a position. I would love to set it a little higher, but with the world still in limbo from COVID I need to make my goal achievable.

I was also able to secure my official business license for The Sunswine Group in May of 2020. But many of you are wondering where “Group” will come into play for me. For starters I am continuing to partner with awesome colleagues to further develop and transform content and courses to help all of you reach your goals for the future. But I am also growing my team and hope to have my first full time employee hired by April, which means I am not only providing for my family, but another family as well. The Sunswine Group’s moto is that “we make dreams and pigs fly” and that is what we are going to continue to do, but the team will have to grow to continue to make it a reality.

Personal Goals

As many of you know there is a blurred line for me on the work-life balance and they seem to intersect from time to time. But I do have two personal goals I want to work towards in 2021. First, I plan to schedule time for work, physical health, mental health, family, and God. If I schedule it then I must keep with the plan. What is the goal? My first goal is to continue to work with the The Ark of NWA to feed and care for our area homeless population. My goal for this spring/summer is to have a community garden that will provide for this mission. My second goal is to get my strength back as well, both physically and mentally…. but that sounds like a resolution without a metric to go along with it but promise I will write down realistic metrics to hold myself accountable.  

Did you notice that I said “metric” and that all my goals had a specific metric of measure? That is the main difference between a resolution and goal. It is easy to say I plan to spend more time on my mental health in 2021, but without a metric or plan how do you achieve it? For example, my goal is to improve my mental health in 2021; I plan to create a 15-minute morning routine that includes mediation and schedule in a lunch date every other week with a friend. Put your goals on your calendar and count how many days you kept your appointments. As for the metric, I plan to rate my mental health on a scale of 1-10 and journal on how or why it changes over the year. Thus, my two metrics to hold me accountable are calendar time booked and journal entries. I should have 20-26 lunch dates and 52 journal entries this time next year.

What are your goals?

Do you have some personal or professional goals in mind for 2021? Do you need help in developing your own goals and holding yourself accountable? Join “The Herd” on our Patreon Platform and you will have a private team helping you succeed in 2021. Wishing you all the very best for 2021!    

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  1. Awesome and right on target. So grateful for such a great opportunity you offered me. God richly bless you.

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