“My Time” Person of the Year!

This last month there have been a lot of negative memes or suggested cover changes for Time Magazine’s person of the year. Regardless if you agree with the cover and the individuals, it is what it is. If you do not agree, calling the magazine out is bringing attention to them and thus they still win. Instead, make your own magazine cover, and award your own person of the year!

You do not need to be globally recognized or to acknowledge someone via a prestigious award or title to be sincere and show your appreciation. It means just as much to that person coming from your heart rather than millions of people knowing that they are awesome. As a society we tend to only show gratitude or award greatness at key times of the year. Either it is the salesman of the year or it is a graduation celebration, or it is around Thanksgiving for us Americans.  However, this is something we all should strive to be a regular part of our lives.

I am going to use my husband as an example, to show you a unique perspective to this conversation. In case you did not know, my husband is a police officer and his calling in life is to serve and protect people. It is a brutal job that requires him to be present for the truly evil doings of mankind. Many people hate him and think he is out to get them….he is picking on them just because of (fill in the blank) and rarely accept accountability of their own actions. But on the other hand, there are days where people show their appreciation in private or public ways that makes the bad days’ worth living.

But you know what my husband would love over a free lunch or plaque to hang on his wall? He would rather have everyone be considerate, follow the speed limit, stop at that stop sign, return that wallet, and quite simply follow the laws. But if you do tend to have a lead foot like me and get pulled over, act politely and respectfully. Put yourself in that officer’s shoes, remember there is a family waiting at home for them. Just posting on social media that you “Back the Blue” is not enough, you must live it! If we all lived it then my husband could truly be that “donut eating cop” that some of us think they are.

As for “My Time” magazine I plan to put myself on the cover and make me the person of the year. Then I plan to act on that responsibility throughout the year. I plan to show gratitude and appreciation to all of those who have positively impacted or helped me along the way. For those people, events, or things that have not, then I am just going to discard them in the trash and will not give them a second glance or thought. I plan to live the way I want people to remember me as and if that is only a select few people versus the entire world, I am simply fine with that too. Who will be your person of the year and what traits do you want to emulate?

Published by Dr. Casey L. Bradley

I am an Animal Scientist, Mother and avid crafter or artist.

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