Rejection Leaves a Bitter Taste…

One of the hardest things to work through in life and your career is rejection. It is a form of failure that can define you, albeit not so much the initial rejection but how you react to it. Even the most successful people are faced with rejections. These are some common rejections within your careerContinue reading “Rejection Leaves a Bitter Taste…”

Speak the Truth…

In practice, I follow and learn from Master Sri Akarshana, Master Yogi and founder of IAmCreator. He held a live event where he spoke on lies and what his master taught him and what he has learned. He said, “Not everyone is born into this world with equal opportunities, skills and knowledge, but with theContinue reading “Speak the Truth…”

Making your weakness your strength

Growing up it was quite common for me to be the butt of jokes for my height. I was the shortest person in my class. It used to bother me until I went to college and all of a sudden, I wasn’t the shortest person in the room all the time and realized there wereContinue reading “Making your weakness your strength”

“My Time” Person of the Year!

This last month there have been a lot of negative memes or suggested cover changes for Time Magazine’s person of the year. Regardless if you agree with the cover and the individuals, it is what it is. If you do not agree, calling the magazine out is bringing attention to them and thus they stillContinue reading ““My Time” Person of the Year!”

Manageable Goals Versus Resolutions

Do you plan to have a New Year’s Resolution this year? How likely are you to keep your resolution though? Depending on the source around half of us (Americans) make a resolution but as little as 8% of resolutions are kept1. That is why my new New Year’s Resolution is to make manageable and achievableContinue reading “Manageable Goals Versus Resolutions”

The Only Trophy I Need

By Dr. Casey L. Bradley Usually when people talk about the younger generations a label that is used is “Everyone Got a Trophy Generation.” They tend to use this as an excuse within organization or society as an inability to adapt to evolving workforce or society. I have worked with people across multiple generations inContinue reading “The Only Trophy I Need”

Do you really want that 6-figure job?

This topic really hit a nerve with me today as I read a tweet about someone with a daughter that is undecided on her career path but knows she wants to make $100,000 a year and they recommended her to investigate the agriculture sector. The range of jobs and the salaries are tremendous in agricultureContinue reading “Do you really want that 6-figure job?”